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you can check for yourself by visiting the gm canada website and trying to set up a 2019 chevrolet colorado or a 2019 gmc canyon we dropped the manual transmission from the colorado and canyon for 2019 model year an insider from chevrolet told carbuzz lowers colorado and canyon prices the new 2019 chevrolet colorado and the gmc canyon now available at the prices $27,000 and $27,700 excluded shipping and preparation costs the demand was so low for the manual transmission that it did not justify continuing to offer it except that instead of closing factories or discontinuing cars from its range the manufacturer this time abandons the manual transmission on its two mid at this moment we wonder what will be the next model to suffer this fate none of the versions available this year offered with a third pedal cylinder engine (petrol or diesel) version comes with six gears it is once again the weak sales that justify the decision
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competitions of the new 2019 ford ranger will be the chevrolet colorado and gmc canyon the only pickup trucks in this segment that can have similar load capacity are the colorado and canyon with their 2.8 ford has just announced the technical information regarding its 2019 ranger pickup truck that will be available on the north american market later this year. and we can confirm that the new ford pickup truck has higher capabilities than its rivals in the same pickup segment skid plates to protect the undercarriage from damage. the is a ford ranger raptor which debuted in february but has not yet been confirmed for the canadian and us markets stop technology is designed to optimize power and efficiency using turbocharging and direct gasoline injection the ranger will also have a maximum load capacity of 844 kilograms (1,860 pounds) when equipped with a towing package and a trailer brake control system as for the price, the 2019 ford ranger has a starting price at $24,300
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wheeled version of the new chevrolet silverado starting with the chevrolet silverado trail boss z71 this monstrous silverado can be ordered directly from hennessey or chevrolet dealers the american automotive tuner has designed the hennessey goliath 6x6. in fact, hennessey has done a similar job before the original 6.2l v8 engine has been somewhat improved. it was grafted a 2.9l hpe700 supercharger system note that only 24 copies will be produced with a starting price of $375,0000 hennessey says it can accelerate up to 96 km/h in approximately 4.5 seconds as if that were not enough, hennessey already prepared a few more options the power now climbs to 705 horsepower and the torque drops to 675 lb despite all the weight added to the vehicle because of these changes some of the changes include the addition of an axle on the rear só if you really want this monster in your collection suspensions that raise the vehicle by 20 centimeters hennessey has just unveiled its latest creation
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generation chevrolet corvette (c8) is coming and the complete silence of general motors is now fueling a host of rumors and questions as for the price of this 2020 c8 chevrolet corvette some chevrolet dealers are now already accepting $ 1,000 deposits the car is offered with a dual clutch gearbox and an automated manual clutch (the range currently includes a conventional eight production is expected to begin in december for the 2020 model year and the first copies will be delivered in february the camouflaged prototype that has been seen in the last few months is probably the very first image of the mid who had also remembered by thinking of a corvette with a central engine more than 60 years ago carscoops spy photographers have seen the stingray decal in the center of the cabin unless the manufacturer tries to deceive us by preparing a completely different car as part of the celebration for the 25th anniversary of the national corvette museum horsepower hybrid powertrain has been mentioned and since gm seems to look to all
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to compete with the chevrolet colorado zr2 and toyota tacoma trd pro we strongly suggest that you should order one of the 500 hennessey velociraptor ford ranger that will be buit for the 2019 model year liter turbocharged ecoboost engine from 270 to 350 horses and the torque climbs from 310 to 385 lb the boys of hennessey have taken a 2019 ford ranger and increased the power of its 2.3 the hennessey velociraptor ford ranger comes with strong claws to make it become off it is a great way to spread terror on the streets and turn every head on your way the acceleration time from 0 to 96 km/h decreases from 7.4 to 6.1 seconds so the truck is about 15 centimeters taller than the regular ranger but why wait for ford to redesign and find a way to offer it at home if you have $64,950 usd and don't know how to spend year warranty or 36,000 miles (58,000 kilometers) have you ever imagine that the ford ranger raptor stronger and above all beefier than other ranger which includes led lights and an optional winch
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chevrolet (845) power says customers are 70% more satisfied when the advisor focuses on them and takes the time to listen to their needs during the visit indicating when it will be ready and going around with the customer at the end of the work are other actions that make a difference porsche ranks first for customer service satisfaction among luxury brands for the first time in the 38 years of the study which is based on last fall responses from more than 57,000 americans who purchased or rented 2016 to 2018 model all generations of clients who participated in the survey prefer to make an appointment via the internet satisfaction is 75 points higher among customers with fully digital service experience (website the report did not rank alfa romeo or genesis but included them in the industry average the more likely he is to go back to maintain his vehicle and recommend it to his family they are also more satisfied when the service advisor uses a tablet in their presence the more a customer is satisfied with his overall experience with a brand or a dealer
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not including $995 shipping and delivery costs bmw states that the car is now 55kg (110 pounds) lighter compared to its predecessor and boasts of a drag coefficient of just 0.23, helping the sedan easily slices through the air redesigned interior, a larger body but lighter than its predecessor promises a more spacious inside and better driving dynamics for the outside generation bmw 3 series also equipped with a larger hud unit and a new intelligent personal assistant with voice and gesture control the 330d will receive a more powerful engine of 262hp. the bmw 320d is the only version in the european market that comes with four the new generation looks muscular and butch with strong embossed lines and sharp cuts in the headlights and the hood and the sides of the car look more elegant and attractive thanks to the redesigned hoffmeister kink and a gt the new 2019 bmw 3 series is now 85 mm longer than its predecessor (41 mm longer wheelbase) and 16 mm wider generation 2019 bmw 3 series with a codename g20 has officially debuted at the 2018 paris auto show
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horsepower chevrolet camaro zl1 1le the same day that ford issues a statement explaining how virtual tests with supercomputers and 3d printing techniques have helped its designers to make the 2020 ford mustang shelby gt500 the most aerodynamic and the most powerful street the 2020 ford mustang shelby gt500 will be able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds and complete the quarter another great news is after announcing in january that the 2020 ford mustang shelby gt500 will be marketed this fall but we all know that it would be great if we can see this 700 hp monster reaches a top speed of more than 300 km/h style spoiler and custom michelin pilot sport cup 2 tires and some solutions to lighten the weight of the car clutch gearbox with acceleration control that makes gear changes in less than 100 milliseconds the manufacturer said in its latest release that the beast will be available from the summer its muscle will be able to prove that new shelby gt500 is the real new king of the road
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like the chevrolet volt and the bmw i3 it is not surprising to discover that the japanese carmaker decides to correct its error and announces its strategy of electrification. better late than never. mazda finally intends to market its first electric vehicles will be equipped with a range extender to prolong the total driving range of the vehicle. the range extender would basically use mazda's famous rotary engine represents the future and the japanese manufacturer has been repeatedly pointed out for being late. this is even truer in north america market it seems that the senior managers at mazda have ignored this hot trend and to focus on the optimization of its combustion engines. in short it is true that mazda's recent skyactiv technologies have helped reduce emissions and fuel consumption in its global market it's a safe bet that mazda will focus on this segment. the first models will be designed entirely by mazda design team the result of these will help mazda reduce co2 emissions by half by the year 2030 compared to the 2010 levels
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